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1960s Brazilian Puma GTS Roadster


It is not everyday that you see an authentic Puma GTS 1600 for sale. Commonly referred to as: The world's greatest unknown sports car. This great little roadster is a product of Brazil, manufactured in the 1960's. The cars utilized VW components and were assembled as turn key sports cars in a small manufacturing facility in Brazil. These cars have a cult following here in the U.S. and there is ia web site and registry that is vey well done. Approximately 7700 Puma GTS cars were manufactured.

This Puma GTS is a stylish glass fiber body shell mounted on an unaltered Karman Ghia floor pan. The front suspension is ball joint with disc brakes. The engine is a 1600 dual port with Weber carbs, putting out 90hp. The transaxle is VW swing axle.

The interior sports full instrumentation, and comfortable sports seats, done in black vinyl and fabric. The floor carpets are also black. The folding soft top operates well and is in good conditon with a clear back lite. Also included is a form fitting vinyl top boot to finish out the look with the top down.

The car starts and runs well and is fun to drive, with plenty of power and performance. The brakes are plenty adequate, also. The handling is superb . The car weighs 1650 lbs.

The buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance.

This is private party sale. There is no Arizona State Sales Tax. There are no additional charges or ducument fees.

Puma GTS
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