'61 English Ford Prefect


Looking for something funky and dependable to drive? A car that will be the topic of conversation plus delivers 40+ miles to a gallon of $4.00 fuel? You've found the perfect candidate. This little car is a 1961 English Ford, Prefect, model 107e. Basically a 4 door Anglia. This is the later version of the Prefect and uses the 1 liter (997cc), 105e, overhead valve 4 cylinder engine producing approximately 43 horsepower. The gearbox is a floor mounted, full syncromesh 4 speed manual unit that operates quietly with smooth gearchanges. The body is in very good condition with good panel fit and no rust or apparent accident damage or rust repair. The interior has been totally redone and is attractive an very comfortable. The car starts, runs and drives well and has been upgraded with an optional electric fan, single wire alternator and coolant catch tank to help keep the little motor healthy on those warm summer days. This Prefect has spent most of its life in sunny Arizona and is from a non smoking environment.